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Parents can ask questions or connect with our expertz to know about the best schools/preschools in their neighbourhood or clarify on the educational needs for their children.

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Our Vision was created to help parents find and connect with great schools, support great learning, and guide their kids to bright future.


Find right school for your child, Get Parenting, Health, Nutrition guidelines from experts, School Events & Shopping.


A platform to showcase the strength of your School, Identify focal area of development and connect with the parent community.


Resources that help you to be more creative in classroom, and which make the learning fun for children from grade P-12.


Variety of educational and engagement activities and events to prepare them for Competetive world and better future.

Who We Are was founded in 2014 to serve one purpose: to empower parents like you to make informed choices about choosing a school for your child. Our database contains detailed profiles for over 3000 schools of all metro cities in India, but all this data can be overwhelming -- that's why our core mission is to make the easiest, most useful school search and comparison site on the Web. is the only website focused exclusively on helping parents help their kids make the most of their school year. By providing families with expert insight, information and resources, serves to help parents set their school-age children up for year-round success in school. Read More >>

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